Strasbourg Age-Friendly

Settled in the Last Mountain Hills is the friendly town of Strasbourg. The earliest settlers came to this area in 1884 and the area became known for its rich agricultural soil and ample land for pastures. The town has a rich cultural and historical background, originating with the German pioneers who settled the area. The town’s name was originally spelled Strassburg – ‘Strass’ meaning ‘street’ or ‘road’, and ‘Burg’ meaning ‘town’. The spelling was changed to the French “Strasbourg” in 1919. Strasbourg and area has a hardworking, dedicated group of people who take an active role volunteering their time in the many community organizations that support our recreation, culture, and tourism industry.

Milestones Reached:

  • Formed an Age-Friendly Committee
    Committe of 17 members formed on February 8, 2016.  Co-chairs are Jennifer Josephson (Town Administrator) and Jane Grieve 
  • Municipal Council Resolution
    Resolution passed on Wednesday, July 9, 2015 
  • Community Assessment
    Partners: Town of Strasbourg & Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park
    Date Completed: May 6, 2016
    Number of community & area citizens surveyed: 62
  • Priorities established (top 3) & Action Plan for each priority
    1. Six benches placed around Town – end of August 2016
    2. Temporary Public Washroom sign – end of August 2016
    3. Freestanding Public Washroom open 24/7 in Green Space – spring 2017

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