Strasbourg Age-Friendly

Settled in the Last Mountain Hills is the friendly town of Strasbourg. The earliest settlers came to this area in 1884 and the area became known for its rich agricultural soil and ample land for pastures. The town has a rich cultural and historical background, originating with the German pioneers who settled the area. The town’s name was originally spelled Strassburg – ‘Strass’ meaning ‘street’ or ‘road’, and ‘Burg’ meaning ‘town’. The spelling was changed to the French “Strasbourg” in 1919. Strasbourg and area has a hardworking, dedicated group of people who take an active role volunteering their time in the many community organizations that support our recreation, culture, and tourism industry.


Milestone 1: Formed an Age Friendly Committee

The committee was formed on February 8 with 17 committee members. In 2018, the committee re-organized, and currently has 9 committee members.

Milestone 2: Received support of municipal government

Resolution passed on Wednesday, July 9, 2015

Milestone 3: Assess community

Date completed: May 6, 2016

The surveys were placed in 410 mailboxes and distributed to 28 housing units, with 62 responses

Milestone 4: Develop an action plan

Items in initial action plan:

  • Access to public washrooms in the downtown area
    • Temporary Public Washroom sign – end of August 2016
    • Freestanding Public Washroom open 24/7 in Green Space – spring 2017
    • More benches for people walking around downtown
      • Six benches to be placed around town – end of August, 2016

Milestone 5: Measuring and reporting details

  • The primary indicators that we have used to determine if we are on the right track are anecdotal positive remarks. However, people have expressed interest in purchasing more benches, increased usage of the washroom at the Town Office has been noticed, and there was considerable enthusiasm regarding the Intergenerational Letter Writing Project.


Age-Friendly Successes: 

  • Additional benches for the town completed in 2017
  • Produced a Community Resource List for newcomers
  • Had a successful pen pal project between youth and seniors
  • Held a Community Volunteer Information Fair on September 16, 2017 with volunteer organizations from Strasbourg and surrounding area providing information, and with presentations from the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan, the Red Cross, and the Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism. This was a joint project with the Strasbourg Recreation Board.

At the present time, Age Friendly Strasbourg is in the process of reorganization, and we are identifying new priorities and goals for Fall 2018. We will keep you posted!


Media Coverage:

Population:  800 (2016 Census)
Contact:    Town Office
                      Box 369
                      Strasbourg, SK  S0G 4V0

Age-Friendly Resource Team Contacts:

Jane Grieve

Chairperson: Jennelle Hubick

Co-Chairperson: Barbara Hayes
PH: 306-725-3038

Strasbourg Age-Friendly