8 Focus Areas/Domains of an Age-Friendly Community

Eight Major Aspects of an Age-Friendly Community

The WHO Global Age-Friendly Cities outlines the essential features of an age-friendly community, grouping them according to eight major domains or areas of focus of community life.

1. Outdoor Spaces & Buildings

  • Does the natural and built environment help citizens of all ages and abilities get around easily and safely in the community and encourage active community participation?
    ( Think about parks, sidewalks,lighting, streets, stores)

2. Transportation

  • Can citizens get around the community conveniently and safely? (Think of those who are unable to drive or have varying physical abilities)

3. Housing

  • What housing options are available that suit varying needs and stages of life?
  •  Is it safe and affordable and does it allow people of all ages and abilities to stay independent as their needs change?

4. Respect and Social Inclusion

  • Are public services, media, commercial services, faith communities and civil society respectful of the diversity of the needs among citizens, including seniors, and willing to accommodate them in all aspects of society?

5. Social Participation

  • Do citizens have opportunities for developing and maintaining meaningful social networks in their neighbourhoods?
  • Are the needs and preferences of all ages and abilities  considered in planning by local governments, agencies and institutions?

6. Communication & Information

  • Are citizens aware of the diverse range of programs and services available within their community?
  • Is information about what’s happening in the community accessible, readable and understandable?

7. Civic Participation & Employment

  • Are their opportunities available for citizens of all ages and abilities to participate in community decision making?
  • What employment opportunites are available for citizens to contribute their experience and skills to the community in paid or unpaid work? (Include seniors and those with varying physical abilities)

8. Community Support and Health Service

8 Focus Areas/Domains