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In an Age-Friendly community, the natural environment and the buildings in the community help people of all ages and abilities to get around easily and safely, and encourage active community participation. (Examples are accessible and well-maintained parks, sidewalks with flat intersections, lighting, well-maintained streets, accessible stores, accessible public washrooms, benches near businesses, safety, etc.)

In the sections below, you will see examples of what Age-Friendly Saskatchewan communities are doing in this domain. For each example, there is a link to that community’s individual page and to their contact details, for more information.

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Age-Friendly Saskatoon/SCOA has developed an “age-friendly lens” document to encourage organizations to become age-friendly. You can find a link to this document on their page on this website, as well as their contact details for more information.

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Age-Friendly Rosetown has installed many benches throughout the community. They are locally made, and donors have input into the design. Click here for contact details.

Age-Friendly Strasbourg has installed benches throughout the community, including the cemetery. Click here for contact details.

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Heavy Doors Remedied: In Rosetown, reports of seniors injuring themselves trying to open the heavy doors led to dialogue with Canada Post. Canada Post installed an automated door at the end of 2017. Click here for contact details.

Accessible Entrance: Town of Kipling Leisure Services and Council are in the engineering stage of renovations to the entrance to Kipling Arena, which includes consideration for mobility-challenged individuals (project is also funded by Rural Municipalities of Kingsley and Hazelwood). Click here for contact details.

Thumbnail image of woman in wheelchair on paved path in park, looking out over a city view. Caption is Outdoor Accessibility.

Handrails: People reported to Age-Friendly Rosetown that they no longer attended their kids’ or grandkids’ baseball games because they did not feel safe climbing up and down the bleachers. This was shared with the Town of Rosetown, and the Town installed handrails on the bleachers. Click here for contact details.

Public Washrooms: At the instigation of Age-Friendly Kipling & District, washrooms open to the public are available throughout the community at seasonal facilities from May 1 to October 1 annually. Click here for contact details.

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Main Street Patio: Age-Friendly Kipling & District, the Kipling Library Board and the Town of Kipling Council have partnered to plan a Main Street Patio – to provide an inclusive, pleasant and restful space for all to gather, and to assist in the revitalization of the downtown area. Click here for contact details.

Park Revitalization: Age-Friendly Strasbourg has been involved with a park revitalization project including barrier free, gender-neutral washroom, seniors exercise equipment, 1120 ft picnic shelter, memorial garden, 2000 linear feet of 6 ft walking trails. Click here for contact details.

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Walking/Beautification/ Recycling: A walking group of seniors in Ponteix has integrated picking up garbage and recyclable items on their walks to help beautify their village and, through receiving refunds from SARCAN for the recyclables, raising funds for the new swimming pool which will have a ramp to enter the pool. Click here for contact details.

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Using Scooter to Test Sidewalks: In Rosetown, a volunteer who has mobility issues tested the accessibility of all sidewalks by driving his scooter over every sidewalk, identifying and marking problem areas. The Town used this map as a guide to start work on improving curb cuts in 2020. Click here for contact details.

Sidewalk Shaving: After Age-Friendly Rosetown raised the concern, the Town of Rosetown purchased sidewalk-shaving equipment and addresses areas of concern as they are able. Click here for contact details.