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In an Age-Friendly community, people can get around the community conveniently and safely for health, business, and social needs, or to travel to other communities for services such as health or business. (Think of those who are unable to drive or have varying abilities.) This also includes such things as accessible bus shelters, monitored disabled parking, etc.

In the sections below, you will see examples of what Age-Friendly Saskatchewan communities are doing in this domain. For each example, there is a link to that community’s individual page and to their contact details, for more information.

Thumbnail image of older man assisting older woman out of a van and into a wheelchair. Caption is Accessibility to Transportation.

Rides to Vaccination Clinics: Age-Friendly Rosetown rented the Wheels for Wheels van on COVID-19 vaccination clinic days to give free rides. Click here for contact details.

Handivan Parking Spots: Age-Friendly Kipling & District: Town of Kipling Council have provided parking spots reserved for the Kipling Handivan in central spots in downtown Kipling. Click here for contact details.

Handivan Drivers: Age-Friendly Kipling & District: Additional volunteer drivers (seniors) have been recruited for the Kipling Handivan in hopes of adding an additional day of service each week. Click here for contact details.

Volunteer Taxi Service: Age-Friendly Strasbourg has increased the number of volunteer drivers for the volunteer taxi service, with free rides during the month of December. Click here for contact details.

Rides to Lunch Program: Age-Friendly Strasbourg provides free rides to local seniors to their monthly Toonie Lunches. Click here for contact details.

Transportation Availability Brochure: Age-Friendly Shaunavon has produced a brochure that lists accessible transportation options in Shaunavon. This includes details about the type of transportation and how to access it. The brochure and contact details are available on the Age-Friendly Shaunavon Community Page.

Thumbnail image of older Asian woman using a walker, with younger Asian woman assisting her. They are crossing a street crosswalk. Caption is Crosswalks.

Age-Friendly Regina Beach/Buena Vista/Kinookimaw ensured that crosswalks were painted at intersections on Center Street in Regina Beach. Click here for contact details.

Learning Opportunities Thumbnail. Image is of four diverse, smiling men and women. Caption is Learning Opportunities with white print on purple.

“Transportation” Workshop: Age-Friendly Saskatoon held a workshop discussing the need for transportation options for seniors who have given up their cars, which increases the risk of isolation and loneliness. Click here for contact details.

Age-Friendly Saskatoon worked with University of Saskatchewan Law students to develop a presentation & brochure focusing on Saskatchewan driving laws, driving eligibility, guidelines for medical practitioner reporting, and SGI requirements. Click here for contact details.

Thumbnail image of older woman shovelling sidewalk at her home. Caption is Snow Removal.

Snow Angels: Age-Friendly Regina is working on a system of Snow Angels Snow Removal (volunteers who keep sidewalks shoveled for those who can’t do so themselves) and gathering information on specific snow problems in Regina. Click here for contact details.

Fall & Winter Yard/Sidewalk care: In Strasbourg, William Derby School students raked and cleaned seniors’ yards in the fall, and the Snow Angels program made sure walkways were cleared in the winter. Click here for contact details.

Thumbnail image of older woman pushing a wheelchair that carries an older man, up a ramp into a bus. Caption is Transit.

Age-Friendly Saskatoon/SCOA, with Saskatoon Transit, developed a video for Transit employees to learn how to serve older adults and for older adults to learn how to use City Transit. The link to the video is in Age-Friendly Saskatoon’s previous accomplishments on their page on this website. Click here for contact details.

Saskatoon Transit and SCOA Bus Buddy program maintain an ongoing partnership to support older adults to use the transit system safely and effectively. Click here for contact details.