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The rural community of Moosomin is located on the Trans Canada Highway, 20 km from the MB border. Moosomin is a vibrant community with a strong agricultural and mining industry. The town serves as a regional hub for the surrounding area with a modern hospital and wide range of health service providers. Moosomin has a population of 2,700 and serves a rural population of about 12,000. This includes the RMs of Silverwood #123, Moosomin #121, Maryfield #91, Walpole #92, Martin #122, and Rocanville #151, and towns of Moosomin, Maryfield, Rocanville, Welwyn, Fleming, Whitewood, and Wapella.

Age-Friendly Committee Members

Alice Abrahamson

Bonni Brant

Jennifer Gray

Shirley Lindsay

Casey McCormac

Bonny Miller

Ann Norgan

Bernie Nosterud

Devona Putland, Chair

Bill Thorn

Community Organizations Supporting the Age-Friendly Committee

  • Community Builders Alliance
  • Moosomin Kinette Club
  • Moosomin Legion
  • RM of Martin
  • RM of Moosomin
  • Town of Moosomin

Milestone #1: Year Formed
Milestone #2: Municipal Government Support

April 28, 2022 Letter from Moosomin Town Council

July 15, 2022 RM of Martin

Link to PDF of these letters of support.

Milestone #3: Community Assessment

Date of survey/focus group: October 2020

Survey PDF

Survey Results Summary narrative

Full Survey Results Summary PDF

Published summary in Moosomin World Spectator, January 24, 2022 edition

Milestone #4: Action Plan

  1. Investigate housing options through Sask Housing, January 2022
  2. Assess sidewalks and relay information to the Town, May 2022
  3. Work with the town beautification committee to work on rest areas/bench sitting areas, ongoing

Previous Accomplishments

Outdoor Spaces & Buildings: Sidewalk assessment complete and results shared with town of Moosomin, Summer, 2022

Transportation: Upcoming focus group input to determine if there are additional challenges not identified in the survey

Housing: Guest speaker from Sask Housing at AF Meeting in January, 2021 to become informed of community options.

Social Participation: Hosted a coffee house for International Day of Older Persons, Oct. 1, 2021 and Oct. 1, 2022, to celebrate International Day of the older person

Current Work

Outdoor Spaces and Buildings:

  • Investigating feasibility of AF Benches in the community.
  • Planning stages of sidewalk assessment to be completed in Spring 2022

Resources Created/Other Links/Media

Article from Moosomin World-Spectator, February 6, 2023 about their AF bench campaign: What’s New at Age-Friendly Moosomin? (link directly to newspaper.)

Article from Moosomin World-Spectator, March 8, 2021: Putland Promoting an Age-Friendly Moosomin (pdf)

Article from Moosomin World-Spectator, October 4, 2021: Moosomin Age-Friendly to Survey Community (png)

Letter to Editor, Moosomin World-Spectator, October 18, 2021: Age Friendly Committee: We Need Your Feedback (png)

Article from Moosomin-World Spectator, October 25, 2021: Moosomin Chamber of Commerce: Putland Speaks on Importance of Being an Age Friendly Community PART ONE and PART TWO (png)

AF Moosomin Contacts:

Devona Putland

Name pending

AF Moosomin Committee Email:

Age-Friendly Saskatchewan Liaison:

Adeline Wuschenny

On the Web:

Town of Moosomin website