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About Regina Beach:

Regina Beach was incorporated as a village in 1920. It is located in south central Saskatchewan in the Qu’Appelle Valley on the south shore of Last Mountain Lake. It is an active lakeside resort town in the summer, but is a vital community year round. (Information adapted from the Regina Beach Facebook Page and from Wikipedia.)

About Buena Vista:

The village of Buena Vista is nestled comfortably along the southern shores of Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan, and is home to both permanent residents and seasonal cottage owners. The village prides itself on providing a beautiful community in which to live and raise a family, with only a short commute to the city. (Information adapted from the Buena Vista website.)

About Kinookimaw:

Kinookimaw was originally designated for the Touchwood Hills and Qu’Appelle Valley Indians in Treaty Number 4 of the Northwest Territories in 1874. Seven First Nations Bands: Daystar, Pasqua, Gordons, Muscowpetung, Poormans, Muskoweken, and Piapot. Although some of the land was later ceded to the government, the seven bands eventually were able to reclaim a portion of that land. They formed the Kinookimaw Beach Association, and together administer the community’s lots and their maintenance. (Information condensed and adapted from the Kinookimaw website.)

In 2018, in an event at the Legislative Building in Regina, the communities of Regina Beach/Buena Vista/Kinookimaw were recognized by the Government of Saskatchewan as Age-Friendly Communities.

The communities had completed four Age-Friendly milestones: establishing an Age-Friendly Committee, achieving local government support, assessing the community, and implementing an action plan to achieve this honour.

The photo below was taken at that time.

Photo of three representatives from Age-Friendly Regina Beach, Buena Vista, and Kinookimaw and a Saskatchewan government minister, as the Age-Friendly group received their recognition award. Portraits of former premiers are on the walls behind them.
Milestone #1: Year Formed

Committee formed in April, 2013 consisting of nine members. Contact person was Ron Monk.

Milestone #2: Municipal Government Support

Support received from Regina Beach Town Council on March 4, 2013 and Buena Vista Village Council on March 2, 2013.

Milestone #3: Community Assessment

The community was surveyed in May, 2013, then a town hall meeting was held in June, 2013.

Milestone #4: Action Plan

Items in initial action plan:

  • The need for a marked crosswalk across Center Street at the intersection of Center Street and Nichol Ave. After some discussion, that all intersections on Center St. should have marked crosswalks.
  • The need for more public access to washrooms.
  • Communications as a major concern – ideas such as having a communication insert included with the Water Front Press; communications insert in the water bill, etc., were identified.
  • Lack of assisted living services to allow people to remain in their homes and in the community.
  • People who don’t have their own vehicle have to depend on friends and family for transportation to local services such as the Post Office, general store, etc.

Further action items as of February 14, 2016:

  • Crosswalks on all intersections on Main Street.
  • Met with Saskatchewan Parks to have the beach changerooms/washrooms open later during the summer. Currently they close at 8:00 p.m. during the summer.
  • Mark handicap parking.
  • Increase the number of handicap parking stalls beside the hall on the north side. Suggest that all parking beside the building should be for handicap parking.

Further action items as of April 14, 2016:

  • Explore transportation services options including handicap-accessible bus service once a week.
  • Explore the possibility of having the same van pickup service for lab services currently provided to the towns of Lumsden, Bethune and Craik.

Further action items as of June 16, 2017:

  • The access to the beach at Buena Vista is not easy to get down for wheelchairs and strollers. Contact the Village with this concern.
  • Ask the store for a second handicap sign in the parking lot.

Further action items as of June 27, 2017:

  • The Age-Friendly Committee supported the Primary Health Committee in their request to have an automatic door put in the Primary Health Building.

Further action items as of July 19, 2017:

  • More friendly accessible location for parents and tots such as using the common space at the Lodge – talk to recreation director on ideas.
  • Look into setting up a Chamber of Commerce.

Further action items as of August 30, 2017:

  • Establish a list of what is available in the community to give to newcomers.
  • Annual workshop for seniors to include ways to ensure health information for residents is accessible to first responders, provide information to residents on emergency evacuation routes, etc.

Further action items as of November 18, 2017:

  • Meet with people from Parks to request an outdoor washroom be made available for after the change room is closed.
  • Looking at pen pal project.

Through meeting minutes, progress is recorded and reported.

Previous Accomplishments
  • Crosswalks painted at intersections on Center Street.
  • Added two handicap parking stalls at the Hall.
  • Have Parks provide an accessible toilet after the change rooms are locked.
  • Working on a directory of businesses available in the area.
  • Looking at having a pen pal program.