Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan. It is the 16th largest city in Canada with a population of 230,725 distributed over: visible minority groups (20%), aboriginal groups (10%) and European groups (70%). There are 10 wards and 29 defined neighbourhoods within the city. The city covers an area of 118.4 square kilometers and is surrounded by the Rural Municipality of Sherwood. There are ten bedroom communities accessing some city services. Regina provides major health services for the southern portion of the province.

Age-Friendly Regina is composed of two committees, the Steering Committee and the Stakeholders. The Stakeholders are listed in the "Community Organizations Supporting the Age-Friendly Committee" tab.

The Steering Committee has the authority to:

  • Assess Regina to identify Age-Friendly related community needs
  • Form task groups to address particular focus areas
  • Ally with organizations and individuals for the purpose of meeting the goals of Age-Friendly Regina
  • When needed, represent Age-Friendly Regina to funding agencies
  • Maintain communication with and provide regular updates to Stakeholders

AFR Steering Committee:

  • André Nogue, Community Citizen, Chair
  • Lori Bresciani, City of Regina, Councillor, Ward 4
  • Chelsea Brown, Saskatchewan Health Authority, Health Educator
  • Arlene Burwash, Community Citizen
  • Lindsay Bzdel, Saskatchewan Health Authority, Health Promotion  
  • Alynn Skalicky, City of Regina, Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services, Consultant - Social Inclusion
  • Gretta Lynn Ell, Community Citizen
  • Sylvie O’Callaghan, Community Citizen
  • Linda Pratt, Age-Friendly Saskatchewan Liaison
  • Alice Samkoe, Community Citizen
  • Kathryn Smart, University of Regina, Centre on Aging and Health
  • Andrew Stevens, City of Regina, Councillor, Ward 3
  • Shayna Stock, City of Regina, Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services, Coordinator of Community Well-being and Inclusion
  • Robert Wuschenny, Community Citizen

The Stakeholders have the authority to:

  • Provide suggestions, inputs and consultancy to AF Regina Steering Committee
  • Provide community support for AF Regina Steering Committee initiatives
  • Potentially serve on task groups
  • Attend semi-annual information sharing gatherings, as possible

Age-Friendly Regina Stakeholders:

  • Ryan Bahan, Eden Care
  • Erica Beaudin, Regina Treaty/Status Indian Services
  • Doug and Cathy Billett, Community Citizens
  • Michelle Buhay, Eden Care
  • Janet Bzdel, Community Citizen
  • Larry Carlson, Community Citizen
  • Pat Colpitts, Community Citizen
  • Cindy Covey, Regina Senior Citizens' Centre
  • Peggy Drake, Community Citizen
  • Mary Ann Dubé, Community Citizen
  • Leslie Farley, Community Citizen
  • Alice Gaveronski, Northgate Walkers
  • Donna Harries, Community Citizen
  • Joyce Hoffman, Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan, Regina Chapter
  • Danielle Josephson, William Booth Special Care Home, Nurse
  • Ritu Kalra, Regina Immigrant Women
  • Andre & Charmayne Leruyet, Community Citizens
  • Millicent Mabi, Regina Public Library
  • Greg McDonald, Community Citizen
  • Marisol Molina-Smith, Forever in Motion
  • Faith Myers, Regina Housing Authority
  • Stu Niebergall, Regina & Region Home Builders Association
  • Regina Downtown Improvement District
  • Kathy Rodger, Lawson Aquatic Centre, Advisory Committee
  • Diane Secoy-Smith, Community Member
  • Nicole Shepherd, Regina Chamber of Commerce
  • Dave Slater, City of Regina, Manager, City Projects
  • Kerrie Strathy, Lifelong Learning Centre
  • Cathy Theriault, Regina Senior Citizens' Centre
  • Marj Thiessen, Seniors University Group, President
  • Andrea Toogood, SHA Health Educator
  • Jayne Melville Whyte, Community Citizen
  • Susan Wood, Community Citizen
  • Michelle Zulyniak, Eden Care

The Age-Friendly Regina Committee was formed in 2018.

Regina City Council, at its meeting held on April 29, 2021 considered the report and unanimously adopted the following resolution that City Council: “Endorse the request of the Age-Friendly Regina Committee for the City of Regina to become an Age-Friendly community by participating, supporting, promoting, and working to assess and improve inclusion and accessibility for individuals of all ages."

Date of Survey:

Initial Survey: April, 2019


Link to Survey: Click here to access survey form

Analysis of Survey results: Click here for PDF 

Infographic: Click here for PDF

The initial action plan of Age-Friendly Regina includes brief notes on Age Well, the City resolution, Age-Friendly Regina information for the Age-Friendly website, housing fall prevention, diversifying the survey responses, and future priorities. You can see the Action Plan Grid pdf here.

There are two PDFs linked in this tab.

  1. The Previous Accomplishments grid shows brief notes on the snow removal project, the Age Well document, housing needs, Older Adults Safety and Wellbeing, communication plans, etc. You can view the Previous Accomplishments grid pdf here.
  2. The document listing 2021 goals includes planned work on the motion of endorsement from City Council, adding an "AF Lens" to city planning, expanding survey distribution, new AF Regina structure, and long-term goals of creating a resource pool of older adults, assisting older adults to locate services, and potential financial options. You can view the 2021 Goals document pdf here.

This tab includes two pdf documents:

  1. 2022 Goals, which includes improving visibility of AF Regina in the community, implementation of City of Regina AF Checklist, gathering information from the community, expanding and engaging stakeholders/supporters, and the Snow Angels Program (snow ploughing). You can view the 2022 Goals pdf here.
  2. Future Goals includes work on housing availability and wait times, Age-Friendly businesses, and internal governance goals. You can view the Future Goals pdf here.

Age-Friendly Regina has created several resources. Click the links below to see the resources:

Age-Friendly Regina Survey. The Age Friendly Regina Committee is inviting responses to its Age Friendly Community Survey. This survey will help the Committee assess the supports, and challenges faced by older adults in Regina. An age friendly community is one that provides support for everyone to “age actively” – that is to live in security, enjoy good health and continue to participate fully in society. We are looking to have an inclusive and representative response, so we encourage all adults to respond. The answers to the survey will help the Committee advocate for the needs of Regina’s population. All responses are confidential.  This survey should take about 20-30 minutes to complete. For more information on the survey, please contact 

Age Well Regina: Directory of Regina and Area Services

Infographic summarizing final report from community assessment

AFR/City of Regina “AFR Lens” checklist (pending)

Current Stakeholder communication (pending)

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May 2022

Age-Friendly Regina acknowledges that we are on traditional lands of the Treaty 4 Territory, the original lands of the Cree, Saulteaux, Dakota, Nakota, Lakota, and on the homeland of the Métis Nation.

Age-Friendly Regina Committee meeting via Zoom

The Age Friendly Regina Committee invites responses to its Age Friendly Community Survey. Simply click the survey image. For more information, please contact 

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Age-Friendly Regina Contacts:

André Nogue

Alice Samkoe

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Age-Friendly Saskatchewan Liaison: 

Linda Pratt

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