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The Town of Shaunavon is a vibrant and picturesque community nestled in the Southwest corner of Saskatchewan. Our diverse business sector provides a wide range of products and amenities, enabling the community to be a significant service centre in the great Southwest. Shaunavon prides itself on serving a large agricultural sector and is fortunate to have a bustling oil industry.

Established in 1913, Shaunavon’s pure and abundant water supply was the key resource that drew over 700 settlers in less than one year’s time, earning it the nickname “Boomtown”. In fact, Shaunavon became the first community in Canada to grow from a village to a town in under one year. Today this water supply continues to be essential to our economic growth. Shaunavon possesses multiple top-notch recreation and cultural facilities for all ages which residents and tourists enjoy all year round.

This is a community where neighbors become friends and where friends unite to build a community in which we can all share. We are proud of our past and excited about the potential of our future!

Shaunavon’s population is 1,784 according to the Municipalities Directory, with a rural population served of approximately 597. Rural municipalities served are RM of Grassy Creek 78, RM of Wise Creek 77, RM of Bone Creek 108, and RM of White Valley 49.

Age-Friendly Committee Members

Kim Anderson, Chairperson

Vanessa Cruthers, Seniors Resource Coordinator

Ruth Elliott

Joy Frenette, Vice Chairperson

Community Organizations Supporting the Age-Friendly Committee

  • Town of Shaunavon Council
  • RM of Grassy Creek 78 Council
  • RM of Wise Creek 77
  • RM of Bone Creek 108
  • RM of White Valley 49
  • Grand Coteau Heritage & Cultural Centre (Museum)
  • Chinook Regional Library
  • Affinity Credit Union
  • Access Realty
  • Hunter Farms
  • Magnum Industries

Milestone #1: Year Formed


Milestone #2: Municipal Government Support

Resolution passed by Town of Shaunavon Council, February 15, 2022

That Council shall approve that the Town of Shaunavon will actively participate, support, promote and work to assess and improve accessibility and inclusion for older persons, persons with disabilities, children and youth in all aspects of community life. CARRIED

Milestone #3: Community Assessment

In September and October, 2021, Focus Groups were consulted for community assessment.

Access the PDF of the Shaunavon Aging in Place Task Force Focus Groups September/October 2021 Executive Summary here.

Milestone #4: Action Plan

Updated March 2023:

Communication & Information:

  • Creating resource directory
  • Promoting access to new Senior Resource Coordinator


  • Recruiting volunteer drivers for out of town appointments

Currently working on Transportation needs in community.

Our next project will be in the Communication & Information Domain.

Current Work

Transportation: currently compiling info on options in town to put in hands of seniors; brainstorming ideas for out-of-town options

Communication & Information: compiling survey of available resources; communicate what is available to seniors

Social Participation: An intergenerational event was held January 27, 2023, to mark Family Literacy Day and Let No One Be Alone Week. Older adults and kids joined together to read books, do activities, and spend time together. You can read more at this link to a PDF about the event.

Have held 3 reading events with seniors & school children. 2 more are being planned.

Hosted a seniors coffee chat — provided homemade treats and presented Age-Friendly, Home Supports, and Coordinator position upcoming.


Nice article in Swift Current Online, February 7, 2023 about AF Shaunavon’s Family Literacy Day/Let No One Be Alone Week intergenerational project on January 27, 2023. Read it here.

There will be another news story on Swift Current Online soon about the St. Patrick’s Day reading event.

The local newspaper and the AF Shaunavon webpage on the town website will feature an introduction article about Vanessa, our new Coordinator.

Publications, Brochures

Click this link to access the AF Shaunavon brochure.

Click this link to access the AF Shaunavon Transportation brochure.

Image of Shaunavon town hall with lawn and blossoming trees in foreground.
Shaunavon Town Hall

Age-Friendly Shaunavon Contacts:

Kim Anderson

Age-Friendly Shaunavon Committee Email:

Age-Friendly Saskatchewan Liaison:

Shirley Dixon

On the Web:

Town of Shaunavon website

AF Shaunavon page on Town website