Community Recognition

Recognition of Age-Friendly Communities

Communities that have been part of the Age-Friendly Saskatchewan initiative and have achieved the following Age-Friendly Milestones, set out by the World Health Organization, can apply for recognition by the province of Saskatchewan.

  1. Establish an Age-Friendly Committee
  2. Secure the support of your municipal government.
  3. Assess the community, determining where Age-Friendly initiatives are needed.
  4. Develop, publicize and implement an action plan.

Applications should be made using the Community Recognition Resource which outlines the process and includes the applications form to be used.  Applications will be evaluated by the Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism.  The names of communities that are determined to be ready for recognition will be recommended to the Government of Saskatchewan.

The application and recognition process will take place annually.

Timeline 2018

June 29, 2018 – Applications submitted to Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism.  Applications received after this date will be held until 2019.

Summer 2018 – Applications will be evaluated.

September 2018 – Communities that have applied will be notified regarding whether or not their name is being forwarded to the Government of Saskatchewan this year or whether they should continue their work and apply again at a later date.

Fall 2018 – At the fall sitting of the Saskatchewan Legislature representatives of those communities being recognized will be invited to the Legislative Building and recognized with a plaque.  They will be publicly recognized during session.

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Community Recognition Guide

Community Recognition