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In an Age-Friendly community, the natural environment and the buildings in the community help people of all ages and abilities to get around easily and safely, and encourage active community participation. (Examples are accessible and well-maintained parks, sidewalks with flat intersections, lighting, well-maintained streets, accessible stores, accessible public washrooms, benches near businesses, safety, etc.)

AF Rosetown has placed three public benches and has now initiated memorial benches as a fund-raiser. For more information, click here for contact information, and to see photos of the benches.

AF X Community is working on benches based on an Age-Friendly design from an AF community in Ireland. For more information, click here for their page.

AF Z Community has set up benches in various areas of the community. For more information, click here for their page

AF B Community has put out a tender for benches, and is reviewing designs and procedure for ordering. For more information, and to follow their progress, click here.


AF Moosomin AF Moosomin has asked two scooter-users to drive every sidewalk in town to map out sidewalks that need to be shaved for wheelchairs, scooters and strollers, and has been invited to make a report to Council. For more information, click here for contact information on their page.